This section features just a small sample of organizational/corporate websites that Arteaga, Colt & Associates has created for clients. Owing to some of our clients’ privacy policies, we are unable to put up websites that sit behind firewalls and/or are client-facing databased. If you need a website for your organization or business, please contact us today so we can discuss your needs.

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  • Memories of Color website

    Client requested a website that was colorful and matched her personality and allowed for online sales.

    Client Memories of Color
    Date February 15th 2012
    Tags websitecorporate
  • Law Office of Rosanne Calbo-Jackson website

    Client was paying astronomical fees for her website on findlaw.com. The main objective was to get the client onto a self-hosted site that cost pennies on the dollar. The next important thing was for the colors to be earth tones with an overall professional look.

    Client Rosanne Calbo-Jackson
    Date September 18th 2012
    Tags websitecorporate
  • Men Creating Peace website

    Client requested a website that was more modern than the "template" website that was originally being used. Client also requested the ability to accept donations online. In addition to the front-end a client database was built out behind the scenes to track clients in/out of the program.

    Client Men Creating Peace, Inc.
    Date October 12th 2010
    Tags websitecorporate
  • No More Tears website

    Client requested a website that was very modern and 'hip' to draw potential donors to a program that is primarly based inside of a prison. Long term goals are to have a blog that is updated frequently along with multimedia i.e. videos and music.

    Client No More Tears
    Date July 10th 2012
    Tags websiteorganization
  • Colt Lee Photography website

    Client requested a website that highlighted their photography and allowed for potential clients to contact them for gigs.

    Client Raymond Lee
    Date March 1th 2009
    Tags websitecorporate
  • Progressive Transition(s) website

    Client requested a website that was a simple as possible. When given choices the client picked a template based design from open source web design.

    Client Norma Ward
    Date November 17th 2009
    Tags websiteorganization
  • Laoshi Chiang website

    Client requested a website that highlighted her teaching credentials in a Public School on the peninsula and allowed for colleagues to contact her.

    Client HS Teacher Ms. Chiang
    Date December 7th 2011
    Tags websiteresumeeducation
  • spiicytuna.org

    Client requested that AC&A maintain their website for 1 year period. Design was purchased prior to AC&A involvement and operated on a Wordpress back end.

    Client Jonnathan Colt
    Date May 30th 2011
    Tags websitepersonalfun
  • A Safe Place website

    Client requested a portion of their website be built out to match their volunteer postcard. Graphics were copied directly from the postcard with additional text provided by the Executive Director.

    Client A Safe Place
    Date June 4th 2012
    Tags websiteorganization
  • A Safe Place: Volunteer Section

    Client requested a section on their website that . . .

    Client A Safe Place
    Date August 6th 2012
    Tags organizationsection