Arteaga, Colt & Associates (AC&A) is a full-service fundraising, nonprofit management, and IT development firm. We know that successful campaigns and development initiatives achieve immediate goals and ensure lasting sustainability, while enhancing the mission, image, and strength of the organization. We offer services that clients can use individually or as a comprehensive package–services that are designed and tailored to enable each client to find their unique path to success.

Our areas of experience and expertise fall within the following areas:

  1. Volunteer Leadership Recruitment and Training
  2. Strategic Planning and Evaluation
  3. Fundraising, Marketing, and Public Relations, including Corporate Branding and Identity
  4. Organizational Management, including Program Development, Implementation, and Assessment
  5. Public Policy and Governmental Relations
  6. IT Development and Solutions, including Strategic Web Presence and Social Media

When you hire a consulting firm, you get an individual consultant.

When you hire AC&A, you get Alex Arteaga, Jonnathan Colt, and any additional Associates that are required to complete your project--big or small. The result: A whole that’s even greater than the sum of its parts, with you as beneficiary. With years of experience and understanding, we value your shared culture and appreciate the unique challenges of your organization.