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IT/Web Services

While you change the world,
          we'll help yours run smoother.

Technology shouldn't distract you from your mission. And yet, as your nonprofit organization may know, it may do just that. You're not happy with your website. You can't seem to extract the information you need from a database.

We can bring technology solutions to your organizations.

Technology is an integral part of your work. How can you make the most of it? That's where we come in. Arteaga, Colt & Associates understands nonprofits. We also understand the role technology plays in your work. You want it to work for you, not the other way around.

Our goal is not to come in and solve a single problem, but to partner with you in a strategic way. We understand that while you may be looking for a few sets of data, we can help you see the big picture of technology and help you manage it.

The language of technology, like the language of financial services, may appear to be a difficult one to understand to those who are not familiar with it. Arteaga, Colt & Associates understands technology and how it can impact your organization.


Our IT Solutions

*All of our technological solutions and recommendations are customized to the needs of your organization.

Technology assessments
Many or even most mid-sized nonprofits have a patchwork quilt of various applications, spreadsheets, and manual processes. And while these nonprofits often understand the resulting problems, they often don't understand how to resolve them. We work with nonprofits to delineate their systems, catalogue their requirements, and prescribe ready, detailed solutions.

Software selection
Nonprofits often know when they need to move to another, to a better, software platform, but are unsure how to determine which one will best meet their needs. We provide nonprofits with an analysis of appropriate software, not only recommending what we consider the best, but also supplying and summarizing enough information for nonprofits to make their own informed choice.

Data migration
Many nonprofits are keeping their data such as donor lists or membership rolls on paper or in MS Word or Excel files. We can help migrate this data onto modern, cloud-based systems, thereby providing more efficient, more secure, and more accessible data.

Website design/redesign
Website technology has changed greatly in the past several years, as have website standards. Unfortunately, far too many nonprofits are stuck in the 20th century with static, boring, difficult to navigate, and expensive-to-maintain websites. We help nonprofits design or redesign their websites, and in the process create a better end-user experience and often reducing their ongoing costs.

Squashing virus outbreaks
Computer virus infections are, alas, a regular feature of life in the 21st century. Arteaga, Colt & Associates has the skills and experience to identify the virus or malware, determine the level of infection, and remove it. We can also quickly and confidentially conduct a security audit of your IT infrastructure to help prevent future occurrences.

Creating RFPs (Request for a Proposal)
Nonprofits, just like their for-profit counterparts, often need to generate a Request for a Proposal and get it out to the best vendors. We can bring our depth of experience to bear on this opportunity by working with nonprofits to define their requirements, composing the RFP and distributing it to top vendors, and evaluating the responses.

Data storage and backup
Smaller nonprofits almost invariably have their data extended over multiple computers and often in multiple locations. Even worse, we find that their back-up process is worrisomely ad hoc, and collaboration is difficult and clumsy. We help these nonprofits by designing and implementing a data storage strategy, focusing when possible on cloud-based services that provide invisible back-ups and seamless data sharing.